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Tutorial Missions

Smaug’s Horde (GFA)(V)

Clock Shadow Creamery White Cheddar Cheese Curds hand-dipped and deep-fried. Side of chipotle ranch. Gluten Free +$2.5

Beautiful Totamari (GFA)
Full 11.5 | Half 8.5

Tater tots covered in nacho cheese, pulled pork, bacon, jalapenos, black olives, pico de gallo, chives and sour cream. Fit for the King of All Cosmos himself!

The Order of the Phoenix (GFA)
Full $10.5 | Half $7

Tortilla chips topped with pulled buffalo chicken, nacho cheese, onions, pico de gallo, jalapenos, black olives, and blue cheese dressing. Just don’t let Umbridge catch you...

Jeet Kune Dough (V)

Homemade hand-rolled dough, topped with garlic butter, mozzarella and asiago cheeses, baked in our wood-fired pizza oven, served with marinara dipping sauce. Fun Fact: Bruce Lee didn’t actually consume dairy - especially cheese.

Reed Richards (V)

One pound Milwaukee Pretzel Company salted soft pretzel served with choice of honey mustard or nacho cheese. Someday Marvel will make a Fantastic Four movie that is as good as this pretzel.

Boss Battles

The Answer (GFA)

Your answer to life, the universe, and burgers. Black Angus beef, thick-cut candied bacon, cheddar cheese, topped with homemade Root Beer BBQ sauce.

Little Mac (GFA)(V)

Two steak burger patties, American cheese, pickles, onions, lettuce, and thousand island dressing. Little Mac is a BIG sandwich, you might even call it a [insert-fast food-trademarked-name-here]. Goes great with a Soda (Popinski)!

Second Breakfast (GFA)

Steak burger, bacon, creamy peanut butter, and smoky tomato jam. You could even have it for Elevensies, or Luncheon, or Dinner, or Supper…

I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost…Pepper (GFA)(V)

Steak burger, ghost pepper cheese, caramelized onions, and roasted jalapenos. *WARNING: HOT* “When you’re seeing things, running through your head” …they are just capsaicin-induced hallucinations

Cheeseburger of Basicness (GFA)(V)

Black Angus beef, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, awesome. “Man who invented the hamburger was smart; man who invented the cheeseburger was a genius.” -Matthew McConaughey

Main Quest

The Disc of Tron (GFA)(V)

Three-cheese quesadilla, on a rice tortilla, paired with pico de gallo. Add chicken, buffalo chicken, bacon, or pulled pork, for additional charge. Guacamole +$2. According to Twin Galaxies, Davide Bagenski, of Syracuse, NY, USA, scored a world record in “Discs of Tron” of 418.200 points on June 28, 1986.

Chozo Tacos (GFA)

Three tacos filled with Chorizo, scrambled egg, Chihuahua cheese, cilantro, and lime, served on corn tortillas. Sure three sounds like a lot, but don't worry, you'll still fit in to your Zero Suit.

Corn Doges (GFA)

Three all beef hot dogs with Gluten Free cornmeal breading. Side of Honey Mustard or Sriracha Ketchup. wow! much taste! amaze! such treat! no gluten! very impress!

Chocobo Wings (GFA)
5 wings $8 | 10 wings $14 | 15 Wings $19

Wark! Wark! Smothered in your choice of sauce. Make it a meal with fries or tater tots for +$2.5

Chocobo Chicken Tender Basket (GFA)

Six gluten free chicken tenders served with your choice of dipping sauce, a side of french fries and a side of fries. *May or may not be made from race losers at the Golden Saucer.

Alter Egos

Don’t Be A Tuna Head (GFA)

Seared Ahi Tuna steak, arugula, red onions, topped with dill aioli. Despite LucasArts censorship ahead of the Commodore 64 release, Nintendo required additional changes for the NES. So who's the real Tunahead here, eh, Nintendo?

Cheesecraft Supremewich (GFA)

Cheddar, American, and pepper jack cheeses. Side of Sriracha ketchup. Pulled pork or bacon +$1.5 each. Go Ultra (Lettuce, tomato, fried egg, avocado) +$3. Served with cup of tomato soup. “The night is dark and full of Creepers...”

G.D. Chicken Sandwich (GFA)

Grilled chicken breast, thick-cut bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato. Served with a side of chipotle ranch. The most difficult sandwich we have ever created. Behold, a masterpiece!

The Space Cowboy (GFA)

Pulled pork, cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, bacon, root beer BBQ sauce. “See you, Space Cowboy…”

Chicky Chicky Sam Sam (GFA)

Grilled chicken breast, sun dried tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, topped with basil aioli. Tom Haverford approved.

Side Questing

Build Your Own Pizza
16 (14") | 14 (10" Gluten Free)

Two toppings included in price. Sauce: Red (tomato), Olive Oil, BBQ, Pesto (+$2). Additional meats $2ea: Chicken, Buffalo Chicken, Pepperoni, Pulled Pork, Bacon, Candied Bacon, Ham, Sausage, Chorizo. Additional non-meats $1ea: White Onions, Red Onions, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Red Peppers, Green Peppers, Green Olives, Black Olives, Jalapenos, Pineapple, Tater Tors, Artichokes, Spinach, Extra Cheese, Sun-Dried Tomatoes.

Level Up

Augustus Caesar Salad (GFA)(V)

Chopped romaine, creamy Caesar dressing, croutons, asiago cheese. *GF no croutons. Add grilled chicken +$2.50 Augustus Caesar will normally focus on a scientific victory. However, he may try for another victory condition under certain circumstances.

Chicken Bacon & Ranch (GFA)

Breaded chicken tenders (GF), diced bacon, spinach, spring mix, tomatoes and cheddar cheese. Ranch dressing.

That Other Salad (GFA)

Spring mix, arugula, grilled chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, and asiago cheese. Balsamic vinaigrette dressing. Can I get a salad? Sure… Caesar? No. CBR? No… that other one….

Loot Run

Death Star Doughnuts (V)
Reg: 6 | Large: 8

Deep-fried doughnuts rolled in cinnamon and sugar served with a side of caramel dipping sauce. Scoop of ice cream +$1.5. Witness the power of this fully operational baked good…

Ghirardelli Chocolate Brownie (GFA)(V)

Gluten free Ghirardelli chocolate brownie, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and drizzled in caramel. *Contains almonds

Flourless Chocolate Cake (GFA) (V)

Decadent chocolate cake, with a dollop of whipped topping. If I told you this was fudge, you wouldn’t call me a liar.

Peanut Butter Jelly Time (GFA)(V)

Peanut butter rice krispie bar, covered in chocolate and berry compote. “It's peanut butter jelly time! Peanut butter jelly time! Peanut butter jelly time!”

Cookie Monster Delight

Three warm chocolate chip cookies, and a scoop of ice cream, drizzled with caramel. “…cookie…? Cookie?!... COOKIE!! COOKIE!! COOKIE!! COOKIE!!!”

Why is All the Rum[chata] Gone? (V)

Rumchata bread pudding made with blueberries and cinnamon, topped with whipped cream. “Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate.” -Jack Sparrow