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Welcome to 2018!

Huge thanks to everyone that came out to celebrate with us last night. Was an absolutely full house and a wonderful time hanging out and seeing all of the amazing onesies and kigurumi!

Final numbers are in, and 2017 was a record setting year for us — we sincerely appreciate every person that walked through our door — whether it was just once, or if you are one of our regular customers!

Several upgrades and light remodels are planned for this year. We started last year with the replacement of the low chairs in the main dining room, and addition or the vending machine for Smash Tournaments. This year you will see additional seating changes, changes to building layout, new lighting, artwork, outdoor seating, and entertainment options. All of this is possible through your continued support — we put everything right back in to give you the best experience possible.

One of the major changes we are able to announce right now is a change to our weekly trivia. Trivia which was previously hosted by QuizCube Triviaon Tuesday nights is no more. We had a great run with Rob and his feisty (yet savage) trivia companion over the past two years — we look forward to watching his continued success in the years to come. In it’s place, and moving to WEDNESDAYS at 7pm, trivia will now be hosted by Quizmaster Trivia. Quizmaster runs amazing trivia nights at many major Milwaukee night-spots, and we hope you will enjoy this new offering. We expect it to be a bit more accessible to the causal trivia fan, while still offering a challenge to trivia veterans. In addition to the fabulous prizes from our sponsor, Abita Brewing Company, we will also be offering GIFT CARDS as part of the weekly prize package. Oh, and those of you that are worried themed trivia is going away, fear not! BONUS themed sessions of trivia will pop up regularly, in fact our first themed trivia will be Stranger Things on Sunday, January 28th, at 7pm.

Again, thanks to all that visited in 2017 (or 2016… or 2015…) and here’s to a great year ahead. Cheers from all of us — Tony, Kris, Amy, Megan, Sarah, Bryan, Dom, Adam, Alex S, Alex C, Bee, Cathy, Claud, Eric, Jason, Jesse, Jon, Lee, Lunna, Patricio, RJ, Roux, and Troy.


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